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Hello! Welcome to the Parent Involvement website. My name is Brittani Smith and I am here to assist and encourage you with your child's learning experience. Please visit the parent resource center located in the white building, at very front of AES. The center is open daily from 7:30 until 2:30. There are hands on materials, games, books, flashcards, phonics, math manipulative and more available for you to check out and use at home with your child!
Please continue to check the parent resource center for new games and resources for helping your child's progress in school.



What can Your Parent & Family Engagement Coordinator do for you?

Act as a liaison between the school and home   

Assist with parent teacher conferences, and other meetings

Resolution of family and health issues       County and school wide workshops

Organize and manage parent resource center
¡Bienvenido! Por favor, conéctese conmigo hoy y déjeme saber cómo puedo servirle mejor.
Do you need help creating your Infinite Campus Parent or Student Login? Click the link below for detailed instructions or call the Parent Resource Center at ext 1904 for more help! 

Brittani Smith

Parent Involvement Coordinator

Altama Elementary School

5505 Altama Ave.

Brunswick, Ga 31525

(912)264-3563 ext. 1904

Fax: (912)267-4111